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Furthering My Athleticism with Nourish

April 15, 2018

Furthering My Athleticism with Nourish

Hi there! Katie here. 16 year vegan, full time aerial arts instructor and professional performer. I also work 4 other part time jobs. Needless to say, I need a lot of energy to get through my day.



Over the past few years, I have increased my physical activity, now teaching aerial classes 16-20 hours a week and performing on a regular basis, both of which require me to hold myself up in the air continuously. As my activity increased, my energy was dwindling. I would get home in the evening and be ready to pass out. My body felt incredibly tired and sore, all the time. Recently though, I noticed a big change. I started feeling better! I wasn't feeling completely zapped by 3PM. My head was clear and my body felt stronger. Other people around me noticed too. I had multiple people tell me that I was looking stronger in my form and my body. I started to wonder what was causing all of these changes. After some analysis of my lifestyle and taking inventory of my activities, I figured out what had changed.

Since September 2014, I have been progressively making Nourish my primary source of food. Working so many hours a week (upwards of 70), my schedule is packed, my brain space is full and the last thing that I want to do is cook. As of the last couple of months, Nourish makes up at least 75% of my food intake. I don't take supplements regularly, I haven't made any other significant lifestyle changes and I am feeling GREAT! Nourish really has changed my life for the better...in a ton of ways. My mind feels clear, my body strong and for the first time since becoming a vegan in 2000, I got my first completely perfect labs back from my yearly physical. Even Iron and B12 levels were great!

Now, when I wake up in the morning, I feel well rested and alert. I remember things that I was letting slip previously, my endurance throughout the day is better than ever and I have honestly never felt this good! I use the Lemon-Ginger Tonicas a boost in the afternoon, and enjoy the weekly entrees that are always fresh, changing, and filling. Thank you Nourish for keeping this vegan athlete healthy and happy :)


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