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Farm to Table 2019 was beyond gorgeous, and we have the shots to prove it!

October 11, 2019 2 min read

Farm to Table 2019 was beyond gorgeous, and we have the shots to prove it!

One of our favorite nights in recent memory, thanks to the effort, art and hospitality of literally everyone that ALREADY gives Nourish their loving time every week. This is quite the extracurricular, and we pulled it off, yet again.

Bonuses: Chef Julia's aunt and mother in law came to town and shared the night with us ❤️ it was a treat to have them both there to serve and pamper.

We finally got to serenade the efforts of our Angel @zaneacresfarm, whom we still miss working with in the kitchen

And it was October, so the farm looked wizened, lived in. Same for the veggies, but in a deepening, rather than lessening way. The menu reflected this state successfully, and had touches from the whole staff on it:

amuse| charcuterie fresh baked bread beet caprese | mushroom pate butternut chipotle mustard pickled okra | baba ganoush various dried fruits | local apples trio of cheeses from Viva Raw

1| golden coconut broth kuri squash crouton | candied maitakes pickled lemon drops | local chickpea miso chili oil

2| lentil walnut kofta dark and light greens | fermented tzatziki za’atar socca shards | mint

3| smoked tempeh bolognese butternut polenta torte | pine nut parmesan rainbow chard cloud | lemon thyme oil

4| pumpkin cheesecake aqua faba meringue brûlée | molasses caramel

Five courses and two hours of REALLY good live jazz later (thank you Chris Jones Trio!), we walked our 24 humans into the woods, where they stopped for an herbal tea along the way from Little Sey Salt Cures before proceeding to the Glade. There, @satarah_productions and friends beckoned in the fall with flames and movement, holding us all in rapt attention.

Sadly, we think this is the last time we get to love on this farm in this way...but we can't wait to see what new place we find for #ftt2020. It'll be somewhere gorgeous I'm sure, but likely not as shirelike as Bell's. Which is ok ❤️
Thank you @jordanallenimages for these insanely gorgeous shots ✨💋

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