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Every little bit matters :)

January 15, 2021 2 min read

Every little bit matters :)
If you've ever wondered - whether it brightens our day when you take a second to email, or text, or call, and tell us that we cooked something that pleased you - the answer is absolutely, always, every time, YES.

There's a little moment that happens right then - the world pokes in to our busy day and reminds us that we're making people's lives better. Healthier. More enjoyable. And that's the whole idea, you know? So then we feel seen - our mission is reinforced - and we head back into chopping 100lbs of carrots, or sifting through 50 recipes to plan the weekend's shift, with a new found energy and ease. 

We do a LOT of talking about marketing, between the Nourish New York, Charlotte and Plant Joy teams. Sometimes it seems like too much time, coming up with giveaways, and brand combinations, and cool contests, and campaigns...because the secret, if we're honest, isn't any of that stuff. It's you. And us making you so happy that you tell people how happy we make you. 

When you tell your friend about this rad meal delivery service you're using - "and omg, the flavors! and their customer service is SPOT ON and they're always donating to these great causes" - there's a big chance that we get the pleasure of meeting that person and nourishing them, too. We reach out to new customers every week to see how they heard about us and 75% of the time, the answer is "oh my friend uses y'all and LOVES you!". Word of mouth, they call it. It's the biggest way we meet new people. 

So, THANK YOU. We've said it a lot this year, but we just gotta keep saying it. And ask you to keep on spreading the word! If you love us, let your people know. Earn your just rewards with our referral program, or forward a coupon. Leave us a nice review on Google, or Yelp, or Facebook. Heck while you're in there, review some of your other local faves as well. We read each and every review, and every single one of them means a great deal to us. We promise.

Love, Chef Julia and Team Nourish, Nourish NYC, and Plant Joy!

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