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Custom Meal Plans make everything easier!

February 11, 2023 2 min read

Custom Meal Plans make everything easier!

Our custom plans have been such a big hit that we wanted to make sure you had the full scoop!

Do you like the Variety Plan, but just have to have that Butternut Mac and Cheese?

Want nothing but Dinner-sized entrees to lighten evening meal preparations for the week?

Want to curb your sweet tooth with our baked oats and tarts?

We got you! You can now subscribe to a meal plan built specifically for your needs.

Meg is our Queen of Custom Meal Plans and is more than happy to craft a plan that fits you perfectly. Custom Meal Plans are subscribe-able and eligible for a 10% weekly discount, and we can even avoid a short list of allergens as part of your subscription. Once you're set up, that's it! No remembering to order - the system does it for you automatically. Out of town for a week? Just let us know (or use our handy backend) to take a week off. It's super easy!

Do note that in order to be discount-eligible, your subscription must run a minimum of four times. Also! We ask that once you settle into a routine that you don't change your plan every week or every other week - if you like new dishes and to switch things up frequently, this product is probably not for you.

Take control of your health and energy levels this year, starting with putting food in your fridge that your body wants and needs on the regular. Contact Meg at meg@nourishcharlotte.com or drop us a line on our contact page to get started!

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