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Charlotte Vegfest 2018 was a smashing success! Read on for some of our favorite moments...

October 20, 2018 2 min read

Charlotte Vegfest 2018 was a smashing success! Read on for some of our favorite moments...
From Dr. Campbell's speech, to all the amazing vegan food, baked goods, clothing and products, to the local farm vending organic goodies, to trick or treating... Charlotte Vegfest 2018 was the best one yet!

We got there around 830am to get our hot food table set up in time for our Health Department meeting. Above, we hung our new Nourish Yourself bunting, complete with glitter. It was going to be an awesome day.

From the time the doors opened at 11, we were slammed. We had 5 options this year: Chorizo-stuffed Portobellos, Tofu and Dumplings a la Stroganoff, a Baklava Sundae with Pistachio Ice Cream, Cobb Salad with Hard Boiled "Egg", and Smothered Pub Fries with Beer Cheese, BBQ Jackfruit, Salsa and homemade jalapeno pickles. The beer cheese was so good, and made with our pal Lenny Boy's new gluten free lager! We also sampled this at our Service Table, with our favorite food prop - our Fondue Fountain.

The only lull came around 12pm when Dr. Campbell took the stage to talk about his book, The China Study. We heard the cheering from across the huge floor when he finished! People were super excited to meet him afterwards, too, and he was gracious enough to sign books for people.

There were so many kids! There was trick or treating this time, being so close to Halloween. And since the Greener Apple was involved, the candy was amazing! We had some at our table, and there were 20 or 30 other vendors participating as well. There was a bag decorating station for any child taking part, as well as a gourd painting station and veggie printing table. Super cute!

So many bakers...and ice cream...vegan cheese and spreads...so much good food. Our pals Move That Dough had a CRAZY line and sold all 2000 donuts they made. Love it!

And after that whole long amazing day, there was even an afterparty we helped sponsor at our friends' bar (also one of our retail outlets!), the Spokeeasy. DJs and live performances, and a special set by a local band named T.O.F.U., rounded out the night.

Such good fun. If we saw you there, thank you so much for coming! If we didn't think about coming next year. It really is the biggest and best vegan party in Charlotte, year-in, year-out!

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