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Center Your Wellness This Year With Tips from Team Nourish!

January 26, 2020 2 min read

Center Your Wellness This Year With Tips from Team Nourish!

You've done it - you've made your diet something that fuels you. You eat well - mostly plants, and it's improved how you feel. But what about the myriad other ways your lifestyle impacts your wellbeing?

Team Nourish would love to share some tips and tricks we've learned on our path to feeling our best with you this week, to close out the first month of 2020.

Check back daily for another tip to help #CenterYourWellness.

Tip #1: Stretch multiple times daily

Your joints and muscles could use some love and attention! Not just when you get out of bed (although that's probably the most important time) but midday and evening, especially after physical activity. Helps increase range of motion to help prevent settling into destructing, restrictive movements.

Tip #2: Eat A Nutrient Dense Lunch

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day...but we beg to differ. Eating intentionally around midday is our favorite way to ensure that no matter how busy the rest of the day is, your lunch packs a nutritional punch to sustain you. 

Tip #3: Meditate

Everyone's doing it, and for good reason - we need a moment of stillness and calm every day. For our team, it provides many things - a place to "remember" when the day gets hectic, a sense of belonging, and so much more - so however you can, fit a few minutes (at least!) of mediation in daily.

Tip #4: Walk After Dinner

This one might seem like a "duh" tip - but think about it. When's the last time you moved for 30 minutes immediately after eating? Getting physically after post-meal can help kick your metabolism into gear and help with digestion, too.

Tip #5: Exercise Every Day

That's right! Even if it's just a jaunt around the block, or 15 minutes of yoga in your living room, move your body every single day. It'll center you, create endorphins for mood stabilization, and help you check in with how you're feeling physically.

Tip #6: Avoid Phone Use in Bed

For your eyes, your shoulders and your state of mind - leave your phone charging in another room. Light from the device might make it harder for you to sleep (not to mention getting unwanted notifications) and studies show people that leave their phones to charge on their bedside tables get 8% less sleep than those who don't! There's a bunch of good reasons to leave your phone alone at night. 

And that's that! We hope you've enjoyed our tips on how to Center Your Wellness this year. Even if you don't adopt ALL of these good habits, we hope you try at least one! 

Love, Team Nourish

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