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Alcohol Alternatives on our menu, and beyond!

March 25, 2023 2 min read

Alcohol Alternatives on our menu, and beyond!
Did you catch our IG live this Wednesday? Katie and Julia chatted it UP about keepin' away from ye old Alcohol these past months, and the positives and negatives that have come along with making that change. Feel free to take a gander here, if you missed it!

In an effort to be supportive of our fellow non-Vino enjoying humans, we wanted to take a sec to highlight some of the tasty treats on our menu that are great substitutes for imbibing. And we also wanted to share some tidbits from our network about other herbal supplements that might be helpful for those who find that a glass of wine is the perfect thing at the end of a hectic day to make you sleepy!

Dram CBD beverages - we love em, you love em, so we've decided to stock their whole line! Great flavors, adaptogenic ingredients and a lil bit of CBD makes for some fine sippin'. 

Five Goddess Farms tea- well ya already know we love this lady and her thoughtfully compounded teas! Have you tried them yet?

Buchi Kombucha- hailing from AVL and in stock at Nourish in two flavors (Fire and Legacy) this is tasty sippin' and also fabulous for your gut biome! 

Limeade and Lemon Ginger Tonic - made with love here in the Nourish kitchen, both of these beverages have strong flavor profiles and even better nutritional powers! 

Shopping on your own for herbal assistance in chillin' out? Our pal Dr. Stephy at Wild River Wellness  suggests Kava Root for a quick calming effect. Chef Julia has experimented with CBN and had FABULOUS results for deep sleeping, as well as this tea from  Buddha Teas! A warm nightcap about an hour before sleep is just the ticket.

Whether you're takin' a break, or thinkin' about it, we're proud of you! Love, team Nourish :)

Ready for more? Read all about our partnership with Five Goddess Farms here!