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A list of local farms and artisans involved in this year's Thanksgiving menu!

November 13, 2021 3 min read

A list of local farms and artisans involved in this year's Thanksgiving menu!
At Nourish, we believe that good food has integrity. That ingredients matter - and the higher the quality of what we put into our food, the better it will make people feel.

This year's holiday menus - both Thanksgiving and Christmas - will endeavor to be our most thoughtfully sourced menus yet - and today, we want to share some of the local artisans and farmers involved in making your Thanksgiving meals especially special.

Moussaka featuring BVQ - our pals at Barvecue as some of the kindest humans we know - and just opened a huge new facility north of town. They are great to their staff and pick their ingredients carefully, and we love their stuff!

Tempeh Loaf with Homemade Apple Butter - these aren't just ANY apples y'all - these are NC mountain apples from Lively Orchard in Flat Rock, NC. Beautiful and pink, they're almost cartoon like in their vibrancy. And so sweet!

Green Bean Casserole - you know we're making the mushroom soup component from scratch, right? :D featuring Oyster Mushrooms from our pal Hiram at Urban Gourmet Farms, this is a side not to be missed. 

Butternut Mac and Cheese - Miso Master lives just to the north of Charlotte in lovely Asheville, and continues to make some of the best miso you can get your hands on. We proudly use their Chickpea Miso to add an umami punch to our mac and cheese sauce.

Chef Lindsay's Sweet Potatoes - of course we'll be featuring local sweet potatoes, but we also have access to local pecans through our pals at Freshlist - they get them from a coop in Georgia called New Communities, and they're gorgeously light and sweet. Enjoy them candied on this dish!

Kale Caesar Salad - featuring local grape tomatoes from Bush n Vine in York, SC, we figured a little salad for the table isn't a bad idea :D

We could go on - but remember, we also sell products from Charlotte-based companies you might want to add to your holiday spread as well - 

Cheese from Viva Raw - oh you KNOW you wanna add a round of aged cashew or sunflower goodness to your table! No one does vegan cheeses quite like these wizards - don't miss it. And maybe snag a pack of our seeded crackers to spread it on eh?

Donuts from Move That Dough- We Love Kacie! All that she stands for, all the justice that she expects from the world, her fire and passion and TALENT for baking. A new kind of donut graces the menu this week just in time for the holiday - snag some, why don't ya?

Baguette from Sanctuary Bistro- one of the best vegan restaurants in town just happens to wholesale their gluten free baguette to us! Thaw and bake and enjoy crusty tasty yeasty free-from-gluten bread in the comfort of your own home.

Tarts from the Naked Tart - more than the sum of their parts, these tarts are both decadent, arguably healthy (no refined sugars used) and highly organic. Diane and team does a great job of creating treats that won't make you feel gross after indulging - begging the question, can you have your cake and eat it too?!

We cannot WAIT to deliver beautiful meals made with love from ingredients we believe in to you this holiday season. Food made with integrity that you can enjoy even more knowing its doing good for you body, our local small business economy, the animals, AND the planet, all at the same time. Give thanks, y'all!

Ready for more? Read all about our butternut mac and cheese recipe, and give it a whirl yourself here, on the blog!